Sine Wakeboards
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Alright, pull out your graphing calculator and enter an equation that oscillates over time. That's a sine wave. Sine waves are ever-present in life, from the invisible waves that carry sound and light, to the long-distance undulations across the ocean, to the ripples (and massive wakes) that occur on lakes. As such, we could think of no better concept on which to build our company.

As for our logo, it embodies man's ability to thrive in water, learning about it, respecting it, using it for recreation, food, and transportation, and especially in times like these, taking care of it. Our logo is about being a waterman. It is something to aspire to. The SCUBA guy is our representation of man being one with the water. Wetness is the essence of beauty, afterall. I guess this would be a good time to mention that our waterman never manages to fully grow up and embraces life as much as possible.